Spitznagel Dentfix DF-620TPS 12 Pc Trim Panel Scraper Set


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Product DescriptionDentfix DF-620TPSDescription:The DF-620TPS 12 piece set can easily and safely remove interior and exterior trim pieces. Helps remove air conditioning vents, door trim clips, dashboard pieces, plastic track guards around carpet openings or any delicate pieces that need to be removed. Instead of breaking these delicate parts, they now can be saved and reused instead of ordering new parts.The eleven hard plastic pieces are double-sided to provide a wider range of options to get the job done. A heavy duty body panel clip remover, to provide more leverage on tough to remove clips, completes the set. A Velcro enclosed canvas pouch is included to keep the tools organized and easy to locate. • hand pry metal• Flat skimmer• Jaded spoon • Flat pick• Rounded spoon• Spike• Grip pry• Double sided clamp pry• Single sided clamp pry• Detail hook• Flat clamp• Detail clamp pry•

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