OTC 1121 Bearing Attachment Puller 1/4" To 15/16"


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OTC Pulling Attachment – 1121 **Made in the USA**Bearing Splitter Feature “Knife-Like” Edges Which Are Easily Placed Behind The Part To Secure A Gripping Surface, Even When Clearances Are Extremely LimitedWhen used with an OTC Grip-O-Matic® puller, puller jaws grip attachment’s outer edge, when used with a Push-Puller, puller legs are threaded into the attachment’s two tapped holesMax. Spread: 15/16″Min. Spread: 1/4″Thread of tapped hole in adapter5/16″ – 18 Distance between adjusting screwsMade in USAABTM part: OTC-1121

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Weight 32.00 oz
Dimensions 17 × 12 × 10 in

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