MOTORGUARD M-26 PLASMA AIR FILTER for all Plasma Cutters–filter only


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MOTOR GUARD M26 Package for Plasma Cutters The Motor Guard M-26 Plasma Air Filter increases the efficiency and tip life of your plasma cutter by removing moisture and oil aerosols from your compressed air line.A Sub-Micronic Compressed Air Filter that effectively removes oil aerosols and condensed moisture…and will:Eliminate Arc “Sputter”Restore the Plasma System to Maximum Cutting EfficiencyReduce Corrosive wear of the Electrode and TipThe installation of a Motor Guard Filter on the Plasma Cutting system downstream of the air regulator will effectively remove the contamination from the compressed air line. This eliminates the “sputter” from the arc, restoring the plasma system to maximum cutting efficiency, and dramatically reducing the corrosive wear on the tip and electrode.Designed to remove the smallest contaminant, oil-aerosol or drop of moisture to supply Clean, Dry, Oil-Free air to the point of use. Users of the filters report contaminant free air with higher flow rates and minimal pressure drops.

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