Headmount Magnifier Binocular Ground & Polished General Tool 950-5


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Head mount Magnifier Binocular Ground & Polished General Tool #950-5Product OverviewThe Binocular Magnifiers offer powerful, crisp magnification of your detailed projects while simultaneously leaving both of your hands free to work. The ground and polished optical lens is mounted to a tilt-up frame, allowing you to disengage the magnifier without removing the entire assembly from your head. This item is equipped with a cushioned headband which rests as comfortably as a baseball cap and is likewise adjustable for a snug fit.Features & Benefits :•For assemblers and inspectors of electronic and othersmall or subminiature parts, toolmakers, jewelers andengravers•Leaves hands free to work•Ground and polished optical lenses elim inateeyestrain•Tilt-up lens frame•Fits over prescription glasses

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