Harmonic Balancer Puller Set 46 Piece


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Dwtools azhbp4646 piece harmonic balancer puller setDescription:Use to install and remove harmonic balancer with various sizes Qty 1:Yoke 5″ pressure screw (3/4″-16)Small centering adapterLarger centering adapterFlat shaft adapterQty2:4-1/2″ bolt 3/8″-166″ bolt 5/16″-183″ bolt 5/16″-342-1/2″ bolt 1/4″-2865 mm bolt M8-1.2590 mm bolt M8-1.251/4″ I.D. WasherQty3:1-1/2″ bolt 3/8″-242″ bolt 3/8″-163″ bolt 3/8″-163-1/2″ bolt 5/16″-1835 mm bolt M10x1.545 mm bolt M8x1.255/16″ I.D. Washer10 mm I.D. Washer8 mm I.D. Washer    

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