HANSON 1121ZR TAP 6-48NS PLUG (Qty 5)


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Hanson’s high strength taps are useful for any number of machining projects, threading the interior surface of a hole to correspond with the desired thread pitch of a given screw, bolt or other part. This plug tap incorporates a chamfer (tapered cutting edge) that is 3 to 5 threads in length that helps to align and start the tap into an untapped or blind hole. Featuring a square drive head, the tap can be paired with a Hanson T-handle tap wrench (sold separately) for manual operation, or attached to a lathe or drill press for greater precision and speed. Technical InformationTap Types and Suggested Uses:Bottom tap has a chamfer (taper at the end) that is 1 to 2 threads long. Use for threading close to the bottom of blind holes. Plug tap has a chamfer that is 3 to 5 threads long. The most common chamfer for use by hand or for machine tapping through blind holes.Taper tap has a chamfer that is 7 to 10 threads long. Easier starting and requires less tapping torque because of the number of working teeth. Also known as a starter tap.All taps have a square drive head. Size of square and overall length of tap will vary by tap sizecarbon steel 6-48NS PLUSQty: 5

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