ES 385A Digital Engine Analyzer


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Digital engine analyzer Comes with :2 sets of leads,clamps, holster, 9V and manual. 25 test range Inductive rpm w/clampFrequency,Duty cycle , dwellContinuity beeperProtective holster Volts amps and ohmsFeatures are :Inductive RPMsFrequency Duty cycle DwellDc volts Dc current ResistanceContinuity Diode check10 meg/ohm input impedance3-1/2″ displayLow battery indicator Test range DC volts 0-200mV,2V,600VDC clamps 0-10AFrequency: 0-200hz, 2000hz,20kHzRpm 0-2000,12000Ohms 0-200,2K,20K,200K, 2M,20MDuty cycle 1.0% to 90%Dwell cylContinuity d audible bleep Diode. Diode test

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