EQUUS INNOVA 31403 CarScan® + OBD1 and OBD2


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31403 – CarScan® + OBD1+OBD2 • Designed to retrieve Enhanced and Transmission diagnostic codes in all OBD2 (1996 and newer) and some of the most popular OBD1 (1981 to 1995) vehicles. • Displays, records and plays back OBD2 live data graphing on the tool. • All-in-one backlit display that shows over 20 pcs of vital diagnostic information at any one time. • Links to all OBD2 protocols including C.A.N. to decode “Check Engine” light problems • Automatic refresh updates data every 30 seconds when connected to the vehicle – an easy way to verify repair completion. • Features unique patented all-in-one backlit screen display and 3 color LED display for quick State Emissions readiness check. • Comes with 15 inspection maintenance monitor coverage which is a great way to verify repairs have been completed and the vehicle has run through its complete drive cycle. • Shows generic(P0, P2, P3, and U0) manufacturer specific(P1, P3, and U1), global, pending and permanent codes as well as the code which caused the freeze frame data to be set. • Displays Freeze Frame Data that displays a multiple P.I.D. snapshot of the vehicles condition when the code was set. • Fully internet updatable and upgradeable for future year, make and model coverage. • Memory / Battery backup for off-car review and analysis. • Comes with access to pro.Innova.com RepairSolutions which gives trouble code definitions, a full diagnostic report, probable causes, recall info, TSB’s, most likely fix to DTC’s and more. • Comes with professional shop software to print and manage vehicle diagnostic reports for customer use and keep track of all previous vehicle repairs. • Comes with a full one year warranty. • A dedicated all ASE bi-lingual toll free technical support line 7 Days a Week, 6am – 6pm, PST.OBD1 Coverage: • General Motors – 1982 to 1993 and some 1994 to 1995 models. • Ford, Lincoln, Mercury – 1983 to 1995 models with EEC-IV Systems. • Performs: KOEO, KOER, Timing Check, Cylinder Balance Test, Output State Test, Wiggle Test. • Toyota / Lexus – 1991 to 1995. • Honda 1991-1995. • Chrysler / Dodge / Plymouth – 1984 to 1995. • Jeep – 1993 to 1995.Item sold as is. Not returnable if used.

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