Astro EVOT13 EuroPro forged EVO-T Spray Gun With Plastic Cup


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Astro EVOT13 EuroPro Forged LVLP Spray Gun with 1.3mm Nozzle and Plastic CupDescription:The Astro Pneumatic EVOT13 EuroPro Forged EVO-T Spray Gun with Plastic Cup – 1.3mm Nozzle comes equipped with a forged body for longer tool life, which is also anodized for corrosion protection. The internal passages are coated for durability, and this tool comes built with a stainless steel needle and fluid tip. The slick finish allows for faster and easier cleaning. The advanced “Air Curtain” Design minimizes overspray and pollution, allowing the finest atomization and quality. The EVOT13 comes with quick thread technology allowing ease of use and creating a compatibility with most traditional and disposable cup systems. The soft trigger pull reduces fatigue, and precise lubricated adjustment knobs allow for better control. The innovative CNC machining avoids the need for gaskets behind the fluid tip.· Forged body provides longer tool life and anodized body for corrosion protection with internal coated passages· Stainless steel needle and fluid tip with slick finish for faster & easier cleaning· “Air Curtain” design to minimize overspray and pollution with superior transfer efficiency to reduce paint consumption· Innovative, advanced EVO-T technology (Patented) providing finest atomization & classic quality· Soft trigger pull to reduce fatigue, lubricated adjustment knobs for better control, and advanced CNC machining to avoid the need for gaskets behind the tip

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